About Kohar by Kanika

Kohar Founder Kanika was always seeking creative outlets and been enamored by colors not surprisingly she is a trained painter. however, serendipity led her to jewellery design. She had been doing this for her friends & family for years but never thought of it as a profession.

In 2010 came her moment of truth – despite being a successful marketing professional at a multinational telecom brand she was getting the feeling that it was not enough, this coincided with the wedding of a close family friend who insisted that she do the styling & design for not just the bride but the extended family. This project led her to believe she could do this as a profession and ‘Kohar’ was born.

Kohar represents the vivid colors that exemplify Indian culture and the brand aims to merge this with modern aesthetics to give the consumers designs that represent the “Joie de vivre’ that truly reflect their emotions when they wear a ‘KOHAR”.
Much has changed at Kohar in the last 10 years where it has become the brand of choice for those seeking designs that reflect their personalities and complement their attitude.

Kohar range of jewelry includes semi-precious stones, Kundan, gold Patra work, silver, and Victorian designs. The range is ever-expanding as we continue to discover India and its amazing craftsmen and techniques.

SO do stay in touch as you never know when you find the ‘Kohar’ that you never knew you needed.

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